The developing world has its own list of rookies when it comes to their performance in the economic arena. However, unlike their counterparts from many developed nations, the cities of these emerging countries have come from humble beginnings and are expected to defy expectations in the coming future.

Here’s a list of three of the world’s developing cities and what they have to offer in the next couple of years.


  1. Thimphu, Bhutan

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Although the geographic features of this mountainous country make it difficult to build modern infrastructure like pipelines and roads, Bhutan’s economic prowess relies on their focus on clean energy, hydropower. Other sources of the national income come from their progressive industries in forestry and agriculture. According to a 2017 report conducted by the Asian Development Bank, the country’s economy is set to grow by 9.9% this year.


  1. Accra, Ghana

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Thanks to its country’s currently stable political and independent legal systems, Ghana’s economic expansion is no longer just a prospect but an inevitable reality. In fact, even after its democratization, its economic performance has dramatically improved and was evident in its 2017 economic reports. Additionally, the country’s cocoa, gold and oil reserves, discovered in 2010, are starting to contribute to an economically competitive future.


  1. Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

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While Ethiopia is still considered the one of the world’s least developed nations, the country’s services industry, as well as its active construction sector, is expected to change all that. In fact, one of its greatest achievements in 2011 was reducing its poverty level to 31%. Based on World Bank’s economic forecast, it will transform into a middle-income country come 2025.

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