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The future is here and the only way to keep up with the innovations and development brought by the digital era is to evolve – especially if you’re a job seeker who wants to stay relevant and venture into the I.T. industry. In terms of digital skills and on-the-job expertise, what are the most in-demand positions that you can aim for? Professionals with the following skills and training can easily boost their career in today’s emerging digital world:

Digital Marketing Skills

In this period where the internet is an ultimate gateway to a global market, many employers are actively searching for people who can help their companies establish a strong and solid online presence and web visibility. Positions for SEO and SEM experts with the skills of building websites, optimizing content, and marketing products online will always be available in any industry, especially for those that rely on the strength of site traffic for customer retention, conversion, and revenue.

Mobile Development Expertise

The number of smartphone users has soared to 2.5 billion in 2018, and statistics suggest there are no signs of these numbers going down in the near and far future. For this reason, mobile development skills will remain one of the most in-demand skills in the digital world.

From building apps and games to creating innovative programs for personal entertainment, learning or business management, mobile developers have a lot to offer in the new world where smart devices are a constant necessity.

User Interface and User Experience Designers

Customer experience and user interaction are the core focus of UI and UX design. The former specializes in designing website and apps interfaces, the latter looks at research and testing to be able to understand how users interact and respond to a company’s web and online pages. Excellence in this field have also made some tech companies the world’s most profitable (read this LOM Financial article for more insights) and the linchpin in many other businesses.

Together, people with these skills can be great assets to companies who want to introduce the ultimate user and customer experience.

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